Konpex cutting boards set (gray)

Konpex cutting boards set (gray)

  • They are a set of three in three various sizes. The large cutting board is 16″x10″, the medium cutting board is 13″ x 8″, and the small board is 10″ x 6″. Each cutting board is 1/3″ thick. The cutting board sets come your choice of red, blue or grey.
  • These cutting boards are dishwasher safe and won’t degrade or warp. They are easy to maintain and clean.
  • Every one of the boards has a groove on one of its sides. This is great for collecting the juice from vegetables, meats, and fruits. The opposite side of the boards are flat, so that you have additional cutting space. This makes preparation easy and enjoyable.
  • Each cutting board has rubber feet, so they won’t slip when you are using them. You won’t have to worry about your cutting board sliding while you are cutting up and preparing your food.
  • Each cutting board has a carrying handle which is large and comfortable, making it simple to carry it from your countertop to your stove.

This set of colorful and stylish cutting boards is the perfect addition to any home. each cutting board is dishwasher safe and the cutting board set makes a wonderful gift idea. If you are concerned about the environment, you will be happy to know that It’s environmentally non-toxic. Each poly cutting board is also anti-bacterial and non-slip, making it easy and safe to use. One of the best features of these cutting boards is the groove on the one side. This catches the juice to help keep your c
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