Trolley Dolly, Baroque Shopping Grocery Foldable Cart

Trolley Dolly, Baroque Shopping Grocery Foldable Cart

  • The Trolley Dolly is the picture-perfect foldable cart that balances lightweight capability with durability. Trolley Dolly folds in half for compact storage.
  • A disntinct feature in the Trolley Dolly is the oversized heavy duty “Beefy Wheel” that can take on various terrains. It can roll up in the sand, it can go up stairs. It takes on broken and high curbs and sidewalks with ease.
  • Comfort cushion handle reduces stress on the joints and makes the the Trolley Dolly the supreme shopping cart, grocery cart, utility cart and overall cart on wheels.
  • Weatherproof material keeps contents dry from the rain, snow and the other forces of nature.
  • Contains 7 compartments, which include a beverage holder. Remove the bag and it becomes a lightweight dolly capable carrying 110 lbs
  • OVERSIZE heavy duty BEEFY WHEELS rolls over any surface, any weather condition including sand, snow, ice, up stairs, broken or high curbs , sidewalks .

The folding Trolley dolly, folds in 1/2 for compact storage. It has a comfort cushion handle that allows you to pull it anywhere. The folding Trolley dolly is designed with 7 compartments/pockets including a beverage holder. The oversized beefy wheels allow for smooth rolling on any surface, including cobblestones, sand, stairs or any uneven surfaces.
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